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Reviews - What Others Are Saying
When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty

Great godly insight! It has helped me so much on my road to healing! Bought it right after an unexpected break up, and everyday it encourages me to have hope, in God who is always faithful to me! 5 stars, without a doubt!

God definitely blessed us with you to write these beautiful books for us!! My dad gave me one of your pink women's prayers book which I just fell in love with it. So I decided to look up the author, which is you.. .to see if you had more books out. Which is when I found your new book "When Love Ends" and I had to purchase it!! Please make more books! You are a blessing from God!! 
-- Summer (Hawaii) 

Wonderful! Really hit home.
-- Vicki

​Wow! No love and no ice cream. Glad there are writers like you helping those in need. 

​Sounds perfect for those coming out of the pressure cooker of a breakup.

Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times

This book was wonderful. For me to soak up all that God desired, I'd have to take my time; ponder every word, every prayer, and every lesson within. And so I did!

Wisdom and insight for finding hope when you need it most...[and] her lessons from nature and actual prayers are inspirational and helpful. Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times will become a well-worn book in my library!

Beautifully and honestly written. It is always good to seek help when things are tough and to take help where you find it. Personally, I found this book to be comforting.