Making Prayer a Priority

Do you often find that there’s so much to do and never enough time to get it all done?

I have. Life can get crazy busy with work, chores, errands, appointments and obligations. We get stretched. We get tired.

There’s got to be a better way to live.

I wonder what would happen if we tended to the important things in life, not just the tyranny of the urgent things in life?

Take a look at your schedule. Have you built in any time for prayer, for rest, for fun?

As you reprioritize, ask yourself what you can delegate or let go of (either for now or forever). Then make a decision to put prayer on your to-do list each day.

Taking time to pray—to talk with God one on one—will build your relationship with God and provide the power and strength to accomplish what He wants done.

When you choose to make prayer a priority, you are really choosing God. That’s because prayer is a two-way conversation with your Creator.

He knows you better than anyone, even better than you know yourself!

Build your relationship with God as you would with a close friend. Talk, listen, and find out more about his character. He is wise. He is compassionate. He is all about unconditional love and forgiveness. He is a God of justice.

And so much more.

In your time with God, you’ll gain insight, wisdom, and strength to face life’s challenges.

Sure, you may not always have a large block of time to pray. Some women I know pray as they’re driving to work. But make every effort to be alone with God in a quiet place, to spend time with the One who loves you most. That’s where you will find the power to live and the peace you crave.

Prayer changes things.

So, let’s pray on.

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